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Mini-Militia is an online combat game, which supports a maximum six player or 12 players to play at a time. If you want to play with six players, then it is possible via online, and 12 players are available via Wi-Fi Ad-Hoc network only. Besides that, Mini Militia Mods are used to customize your game in a better way. By default, this game does not come with mod features to play at the initial time.

However, if you want to add more features in this game, then you need to have some ideas regarding the mods or Prank mods as well. In this topic, we will discuss some of the Mini Militia Prank Mod by Clash with Leo for Mini Militia players.

Mini-Militia Prank MOD

One thing we want to clear out at first that, Pranks Mods are not available in App store to download directly. Even they are not available in the official sites as well. Thus, you need to search in the web to download those needful mods or Prank mods for your Mini Militia game. Here we will list out some of the top Mini Militia prank mods by Clash with Leo and choose which is useful to you from them. Besides the basic detail of every mod, we are going to tell you the process to download and install those mods.

#Tips to Download and Install Mini Militia MOD:

  • To download any Mini Militia Mod, you need to use the Google Chrome Web Browser instead of Firefox or UC browser. The reason is that, sometimes the download link is not working with the other browsers except Google Chrome.
  • Always try to choose the genuine and top-rated link from the Google search result to avoid the frauds.
  • After click on the download link, you need to wait for maximum 5 -10 seconds to generate the download process by skip the on-screen
  • When the download has completed, click on the file from your device and install the mob on your game.

how to Download and Install Mini Militia MOD

#Features of Mini Militia Prank MOD:

Some of the highlighted and best features of Mini Militia prank mods are given below. So have a look on these mods feature before playing on your system.

  1. Most of the hidden features and surprises get unlocked, which helps you to play this game easily.
  2. Unlimited Nitro and Ammo will be available to boost this game.
  3. Some new buttons will be added which is absent in the default game and Transparent Bushes will also get available here.
  4. To fight with others, you can get new bombs, Firing types, Guns, and new avatars as well.
  5. There is no hack detection found, and you can easily play on the real game server only.

List of Top Mini Militia Prank Mod By Clash With Leo:

1. Mini-Militia Pro Pack:

The Mini Militia Pro Pack is a very well-known and well searched Mod which is needed by many users for free. However, to activate this mod you need to pay $1 only. After activating this mod, you can enable the features to carry the special gun as well as the dual gun in Mini Militia game play. To carry these dual weapons, the user can also watch free ads to increase the time limit as well. If you do not want to watch these ads, then activate this mod with $1 only. This Pro Pack is the first mod, which is tested by the game community and finally achieved the full success in it.

2. Mini-Militia Wall Hack MOD:

From the name of this mod, you can guess that for what purpose Wall Hack mod will help you in this game. Generally, Mini Militia players use this mod to prank the newly coming users in game play. With the help of this mod, players can kill the others by hiding themselves beside the walls. This is also a prank mod, which is commonly used in Mini Militia game now a day. It feels very bad in this game when someone kills you, and you never know how this happened. The reason behind this is that the killer had hidden with this mod and killed the opponent without showing the identity.

3. Mini Militia Mega MOD:

The next mod for Mini Militia game is Mega Mod. The mega mod is also a needful mod, which allows you to get unlimited life in this game. It kills the gaming experience, but your story in this game will never end so easily. The developers also introduced one feature for the new player’s, i.e. unlimited nitro and ammo mod. These mods will provide you with the best power, which is not available by default to use in this game. Therefore, you can use this mod while you started this game to experience its features in game play.

4. Mini-Militia Health MOD:

The developers specially build Mini-Militia Health Mod only for the new players. This mod helps the new players by providing the best health level. The new players are generally not able to stay in front of pro players for a long time. In such a situation, this mod will help them a lot. If you are a new player, you can stay in front of them and fight for a long time as well. This mod has already taken by the XDA developers and makes it more stable as well as strong then before. Try to use this mod once if you love to play Mini Militia game.

5. Mini-Militia Unlimited God MOD:

The Mini Militia Ultimate God mod is also a popular mod for the millions of players from all around the world. Most of the players know about this mod and if you have no idea about it then get it to know from here. This mod provides you the features like an infinite jetpack, limitless health and no ammo reload with more as well. Always try to follow the developer’s team community such that these types of the mod will come in front of you after developing. Once you need to explore this mod and we are sure that you will feel good after using it. This game is a combination of such wonderful mods, which help you a lot while playing this game.


These are all the top Mini Militia Prank Mod by Clash with Leo. Hope this topic about the new mods of Mini Militia is helpful for you all. The above-discussed mods are the top prank mods, which are now available for the newbie and the pro players as well.

According to your choice and need, you can go through this mod from the list given here. Besides the above the discussed mods, Mini Militia supports many other mods as well. However, do not try all the mods without having ideas about them. Always try to know the details of a mod before using or apply them to your game. If you are satisfied with this information, then share it with your friends and other players too.

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