Best Ways to Extend Trial Software After The Free Trial Has Ended

Today we will be discussing the length of software trails since not all people have enough money to purchase software and a variety of paid tools mostly required for daily use. One solution is to purchase trial versions. Some companies permit the trial duration (mostly either 14 or thirty days) in which we are able to avail the paid software for a specific time. The program is then canceled using the program at the end time. What happens if the trial time of any program could be extended? That is the question we’ll discuss in this article and I am sure many are looking for an option to skip or extend the trial time in any application.

Extend Trial Software

The most prevalent methods of selling software nowadays is the use of a trial version for free. Software publishers will offer an edition of their software that isn’t expensive However, it comes with significant limitations that make the trial version less effective as compared to the premium version. There are two ways to approach this one: either provide basic features, or release the full version with a time limit which will only allow users to use it for a certain duration. This is the second type of trial that we’re dealing with today.

Trials with time-limits are more effective in creating sales than crippleware products. A program that’s been crippled and had features taken out won’t convince a buyer to purchase the entire product because they’ve never had the chance to experience the full product. Setting a time period of seven, fourteen or 30 days, and giving customers the chance to experience the complete software is more affluent. This allows users to experience the full experience of the program so that users can take a more informed purchase decision.

Sometimes, the trial duration isn’t long enough, and you require more time. This article I’ll provide you with a variety of methods for installing trial software again after the trial is over. It is important to note that the goal of this article isn’t to permit you to continue using the program for a long time since that would be considered unethical. Make use of these techniques only to analyze software but not to steal it.

How To Extend Trial Period Of Paid Software

  1. Extended of the program by altering your registry
  2. Extend the trial period of any program by adjusting the computer time
  3. How can I extend the trial duration in demo software

The trial period can be extended of the program by altering your registry

There is a thing known as Windows Registry in Windows operating system. It’s not a problem when trying to extend the trial duration of the software. The reason is that Windows Registry is running as an account of our company on your PC. The majority of programs insert the key or something similar to this into the registry following installing it. This serves as a reference to the program to check the duration of the trial is over. It is good to know that Windows lets us alter the Windows Registry using Registry Editor. You’ll need access to permissions as a user to access these.

Use the following steps to skip the trial period of programs by using Windows Registry Editor:

Step 1. First Press the keys Win + R together. This will open a Run dialog. In the dialog box, type Regedit and press Enter to open your Registry Editor. You might be asked to grant users with privileges, by selecting Yes.

Step 2: Open the left-hand side of the screen and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE – Software. The name of your program is in there. If you discover a key that has the same name as your application, you can delete it immediately without hesitation.

Step 3: Similarly go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER – Software – Program Name. Find a key for your program. If you discover anything, delete it.

Step 4. close the registry editor, and hit Windows + the R keys once more to bring up an Run dialogue box. Type% temp% there. You will see the list with temporary file. Remove everything from this folder.

Step 5. Go to C Users Your Username Appdata will find three folders: Locallow, Local and Roaming. Check all of these folders for files that have names that refer to the application. If you discover anything you don’t like, remove it right away.

Step 6: Then, restart the computer. You are able to play with the demo program from now on with no issue.

Extend the trial period of any program by adjusting the computer time:

If you do not wish to load your computer with lots of software, you might not need to install a custom software. In such a case you could make use of this method.

Step 1: Open your installation directory of the program to which you wish to extend the trial. It is likely to be it is the title of the application is C: Program Files

Second step: right-click on the folder and select Properties. Look for the term “Created” on the right and then you will see the date for installation.

Step 3. Select the timer in the system tray (at the lower right corner in the bottom right). Choose the date and time settings and alter the time in accordance with it. Don’t change the date to one that is longer than the trial period. That’s it!! Everything is set to execute the trial program properly. You now are aware of ways you can extend your trial duration for any software.

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Extra Bonus Tips

How can I extend the trial duration in demo software

A lot of demo versions provide the possibility of testing for around 30 days. This usually is enough to conduct a thorough evaluation. However, if you wish to test the full version and more comprehensive testing, you may want to expand the demo.

For quite a while the most well-known method to prolong the time of trial software used to set the time using your internal Windows clock. It is not always effective however. Software generally uses other mechanisms to determine the end of the trial period, and is not reliant to the clock of the system.

For many softwares it is necessary to sign up for an account for free with the creator to access the trial. Then, you sign in to the program using the user username and password, and the trial period will be checked. When the trial is over, the software will contact you and request you to purchase the software. If you’re in need of more testing then you might be able to set up an account using a different email address, and then start another test. Some developers are not happy with this technique and it might be in violation of the terms of service for the program, but.


The final suggestion for reinstalling trial software once the trial period is over is to make use of the virtual machine. They can be useful in a variety of different scenarios but when it comes to testing new software, they shine. They not only stop the application from affecting the operating system that you are using They also guard against security issues. They can also be easily deleted and installed to run any trial for the time you require it to.

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