Top 30 Most Famous Person in the World 2023

Alright, raise your glass if you’re ready to dive into the world of glitz, glamour, power, and innovation! Here’s the 30 Most Famous Person in the World 2023!

This is no ordinary list, folks. We’re about to unmask the Top 30 Most Famous Persons in the World 2023, and oh boy, is it exciting! You ask, “Why so?” Well, remember when you and your bestie had that never-ending debate about whether Elon Musk is more influential than Cristiano Ronaldo?

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Or whether Taylor Swift outranks Kim Kardashian in the world’s fame game? Well, consider this your ultimate guide to settle those burning dilemmas!

From tech titans and musical trailblazers, illustrious actors, and global leaders – they’re all here. These are the trendsetters, world-changers, and history-makers that have grabbed 2023 by the reins and said, “Hold my kombucha.”

So hold on tight friends, ‘cos this star-studded journey is about to blast off in 3… 2… 1…!

1. Elon Musk


Whoosh! Who better to top off our list than the Martian-in-waiting himself, Elon Musk? Whether it’s SpaceX‘s extraordinary leaps into the starry beyond, or Tesla’s super-cool electric cars revolutionizing our meager Earthly commutes, Musk is the one!

This space cowboy is doing more than just talking. He’s boldly walking the intergalactic walk, setting the stage for humanity’s future—fully electric and with round-trip tickets to Mars! Not your everyday tech whizz, right?

2. Cristiano Ronaldo


Ah, Cristiano Ronaldo. Where do we even start? This guy isn’t just a football player — he’s a footie wizard! Ronaldo’s insane moves have left fans and opponents gasping worldwide.

It’s like watching an artist paint a masterpiece, but with gravity-defying goals and edge-of-your-seat performances. His charm is as unbelievable as his talent. Ladies, gentlemen, and footie fanatics, Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t just playing the game… he’s reinventing it!

3. Taylor Swift


You know when you’re driving and suddenly, one of Taylor Swift’s tunes comes on, and you’re suddenly trying to belt out high notes you didn’t know existed? Yep, that’s the ‘Swift Effect’! Her songs are like crisp pages straight out of the diaries of our hearts.

We’re talking breakups, we’re talking first loves, heck, we’re even talking about feud with Kanye! No stone left unturned. Her melodies have the whole globe wrapped around her fingers. It’s not just music, it’s Taylor’s world and we’re living (and jamming) in it!

4. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian, our reigning reality TV queen, isn’t just famous for being famous, she’s fanned the flames into a roaring entertainment industry empire! From launching successful beauty lines to breaking the Internet (Remember that champers-on-her-derriere pic?), she’s more than just a celeb. She’s a one-woman phenomenon running a showbiz galaxy!

5. Barack Obama

Ever dropped everything just to listen to Barack Obama spin a sentence? There’s no denying that he’s the cool uncle of global politics! Obama’s charisma and articulate speeches are like his superpowers, making him as captivating as a summer blockbuster. His popularity? Still sky-high, my friends!

6. Billie Eilish

Hey, have you heard about this chart-topping, Grammy-scooper, Billie Eilish? You bet we have! With her unique, edgy style, she’s not just making music, she’s making goosebumps pop world over.

It’s like she’s whispering right into our soul, isn’t it? Packed with raw emotion and a rad distinctiveness, her tracks are the sonic equivalent of a high-five!

7. Ariana Grande

Pop royalty alert: Ariana Grande, y’all! With lungs of steel, this powerhouse blasts out anthems we just can’t resist belting. Ever found yourself humming her irresistible tunes all day?

Join the club! Ari’s musical magic is the spark that’s reviving the pop scene, one earth-shattering high note at a time. We’re all riding the Ariana wave, babes, and it’s a non-stop thrill!

8. Oprah Winfrey

Ever been in awe of Oprah Winfrey? Girl, who hasn’t?! She’s not just a talk show host — she’s THE talk show host. No one else has ever come close to her level of influence or popularity.

Since her show wrapped, get this, she’s become an even bigger media powerhouse! We’re just living in Oprah’s world, and let’s be honest, wouldn’t wanna be anywhere else! 

9. Joe Biden

Oh hey, did you catch Joe Biden, numero 46? He’s kinda like the world’s VIP. His words and actions? Completely unmissable! Biden’s got the whole globe turning their heads, keeping everyone on their toes.

It’s like we’re all a part of this super important club, hungrily watching his political moves play out. And honestly, who wouldn’t want a front-row seat? 

10. Jeff Bezos


Ever hit ‘Add to Cart’ on Amazon? You can thank Jeff Bezos for that! Founder of our beloved quick-shop site, Bezos is the undisputed heavyweight in the tech arena. He’s not just a player, he’s the game changer – the guy who’s ripping up the rulebook and rewriting it. And the best part? He ain’t slowing down. His influence? Ever-rising, just like those Amazon Prime subscriptions!

11. BTS

What’s that poppin’ K-pop sensation everyone’s obsessed with? That’s right, BTS! These South Korean heartthrobs keep slaying the game with jaw-dropping shows and those catchy-as-heck tunes.

Ever caught the BTS fever? (C’mon, admit it). With their swagger, they got us all wrapped around their fingers. Welcome to the Bangtan Club, folks—reservation: a lifetime!

12. Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)

the rock

Ever watched The Rock dish out WWE smackdowns and thought, “This guy’s going places?” Well, buckle in, amigos! Dwayne Johnson didn’t just climb the Hollywood ladder, he freaking pole-vaulted!

From wrestling royalty to box office king, he’s become our personal superhero. And get this: he ain’t stopping for anyone! Rock-stans, unite! 

13. Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris, y’all! Shattering glass ceilings like it’s her jam, she’s our VIP Vice Prez. South Asian and Black descent? Check. First woman VP?

Double-check. Kamala’s like that trailblazer friend who’s shaking up the status quo and leading us into bold, uncharted territory. We’re all aboard the Kamala train—next stop, Equalityville! 

14. Greta Thunberg

Earth’s biggest cheerleader? Definitely Greta Thunberg! This climate crusader is more than an activist, she’s a global force. She’s only a teen, but she’s hollering “Climate Action NOW,” and guess what?

The world is all ears! This girl’s got gusto, and we’re totally vibin’ with her planet-saving mission. Greta’s gang, where are you at?

15. Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi, our football Messi-ah, isn’t just good, he’s the GOAT!  When he moonwalked over to Paris Saint-Germain in 2023, it wasn’t just news… it was an “OMG, did you hear?!” moment! One man, one club, endless thrilling surprises. Footie fans, are you ready for this epic ride?

16. Beyoncé

Hold up, is that our Queen B, Beyoncé, blasting through the speakers? This global diva isn’t just making tunes, she’s changing the game, people!  With her banging, genre-busting hits and fiery activism, Beyoncé is the woman who’s got the world in Formation. Part of her hive? Say ‘I slay’! 

17. Leonardo DiCaprio

Hey, you know our pal Leo DiCaprio? Total Hollywood legend! Leo ain’t just rockin’ the silver screen with eclectic roles, he’s fighting for Mother Earth, too!

And we’re all like, “Go, Leo!” Best buds with A-listers and tree-huggers alike, Leo’s our VIP eco-hero. C’mon, who doesn’t wanna be in THAT club?

18. Emma Watson

Guess who traded her wand for a megaphone? It’s our girl Emma Watson! From Potterville to Feminist HQ, she’s all about Girl Power now. Gone are her Hogwarts robes, but she’s casting even cooler spells: those of equity and empowerment. We’re like, “Emma, can we join your squad?”

19. Priyanka Chopra Jonas

So our gal Priyanka Chopra Jonas? She’s crushing it! Not only is she an acting marvel, but she’s also our forever Miss World. Then she tied the knot with Nick Jonas and bam!

Her popularity zoomed like a SpaceX rocket. Now she isn’t just adored in Bollywood, but she’s our homegirl worldwide. You gotta love this global queen! 

20. Selena Gomez

Remember our Disney darling, Selena Gomez? She’s all grown up! From rocking Mickey Mouse ears to slaying stages and screens, Selena’s got us obsessed. And her global fanbase? It’s like one big family – Selenators Unite!  We’re all in this super-exclusive club, and, oh boy, does it feel GOOD! 

21. Keanu Reeves

Whoa, you know our dude Keanu Reeves, right? This guy isn’t just Neo or John Wick, he’s Hollywood royalty…and the chillest dude EVER! Starring in action flicks that make us say “heck yes!”, and rocking a rep so squeaky clean, we’re all like, “Teach us your ways, sensei!”

22. Michelle Obama

Hey, have you heard about our girl Michelle Obama? Queen of initiatives!  She’s out there, still making waves with her super rad projects on education, healthy chowing, and fighting poverty. We’re like, “Sign us up!”  Let’s rally behind our powerhouse First Lady and make the world a better place, one and at a time! 

23. Kylie Jenner

OMG, have you met our stylish BFF, Kylie Jenner? This boss conquered the world with her ah-mazing cosmetics line and fab lifestyle!  For real, who wouldn’t wanna join the Kylie club?  We’re all about that lip-kit life and glitzy, insta-worthy moments. So, like, seriously… Are you in?

24. Ellen Degeneres

Oh hey, did you catch our happy-go-lucky buddy Ellen Degeneres? The talk show queen! She jazzed up daytime TV with her jokes and heartwarming vibes. But it’s not all fun and games; she’s also waving that LGBTQ+ flag with style and grace! No wonder we’re like, let’s join her dance party! 

25. Angelina Jolie

Lights, camera, Angelina Jolie! She’s not just a hard-hitting actress, but a real-life hero as a UN ambassador. Coupling her fierce characters with her humanitarian efforts, this woman is a powerhouse. Embodying influence and grace in Hollywood and beyond, Angelina has us all saying: “We stand a queen!” 

26. Chris Hemsworth

Get ready for the thunder – it’s Chris Hemsworth time! Aka, our fave Asgardian, Thor, in Marvel’s epic Avengers saga. Up there on the global big screen, he rules like a true cinematic god! We’re glued to our seats for this charming, A-lister heartthrob. Shine on, Mr. Thor-some! 

27. Serena Williams

Watch out world, it’s Serena Williams in the house! This legendary powerhouse of talent and drive has won our hearts. Forever on top of our MVP list, Ms. Williams aces the sport game and beyond as an iconic global athlete! So, raise your rackets high, sports fans – Respect! 

28. Tom Hanks

Screen Alert! It’s blockbuster champion Tom Hanks all set to steal the show again! This maestro actor, a gem amidst his generation, never fails to stun us with his magnificent, goosebump-worthy acts. Truly, a star who doesn’t just play roles, he lives them! We’re sold on each of his performances. Bravo, Mr. Hanks! 

29. Malala Yousafzai

Nothing short of inspiring, Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai stands as a beacon for girls’ education. Her tale of resilience, survival, and potent advocacy makes us instant fans. Together, we stand by this global icon and raise a pencil for every girl’s right to education. Stand tall, Malala! 

30. Bill Gates

bill gates

Behold the tech titan, Bill Gates! As the mastermind co-founder of Microsoft and a dedicated philanthropist, he’s shaped our digital age like no other. His innovative thinking and colossal contributions to technology have transformed our lives in monumental ways. We tip our hats, here’s to the digital maestro himself! 

Final Thoughts

We’ve seen actors, athletes, philanthropists, and tech giants par excellence reigning on our list of the top 30 most famous people in the world in 2023. These global icons won not just in their fields but in our hearts, as they inspired, entertained, and made significant contributions to society. 

Be it the indomitable spirit of Malala, the tech genius of Bill Gates, the captivating performances of Chris Hemsworth, or the heartfelt advocacy of Ellen Degeneres, they all have left an indelible imprint on the world, and their influence resonates far and wide.

But the question remains: Who will rise further? Who will surprise us next? As we toast to their achievements today, we also look forward to what the future holds. Here’s to another year of inspiration, innovation, and awe-inspiring moments! 

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