Best Rainmeter Skins And Themes For Windows 10/8.1/7

Desktop customization is pretty much everything that one would want to do with their Windows 10, 8 or 7. There are different Rainmeter Skins And Themes For Windows to customize your desktop be with the default gadgets, widgets or setting custom wallpaper and screen saver. No matter that you do, nothing can make your desktop look more cool then a 3rd party app which is meant to customize a desktop. So if you are searching for Rainmeter Skins And Themes that can help you customize your desktop then you have come to the right place. Today we are going to talk about Best RainMeter Skins Themes 2023 for Windows 10/8.1/7

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But customization isn’t the only thing that you have to keep in mind while you choose to make your desktop look more cool. You will need to customize your desktop keeping in mind that you are not slowing down the system. If that is your concern too then RainMeter is the perfect solution for you. So let us look at the best rainmeter skins themes for Windows 10/8.1/7.                                   

Why Would You Want to Choose RainMeter for Customization?

Rainmeter is a Windows customization tool that offers you to easily customize your desktop and its overall look. With RainMeter you will not need to download hundreds of wallpapers or gadgets as RainMeter comes with its unique look which doesn’t need user to change wallpaper now and then. You will also not need to download or use any default widgets or gadgets, as RainMeter comes with their own customization tool. So this is why you need to choose the Rainmeter Skins And Themes to customize you desktop easily.                                                     

Best Way to Use RainMeter Skins With Guide:

To start using the RainMeter software and its skins you will first need to download the rainmeter skins from the link provided below. Now that you have downloaded the software, install it on your Windows 10, 8 or 7 PC or Laptop. Now you can go ahead and start downloading all the Skins you need to customize your desktop as you need to. Using the skins after installing the RainMeter software is really easy.

You can download and install multiple skins at the same time and use the different customization skins all together to create your own new skin and even save it for later use. To use the skins all you need to do is download the skin packages and then open the zip skin package. Now copy all the data inside the zip skin package and paste it into the “Skin” Folder in the Documents section.

Now to use the skin simply launch the RainMeter and then right click on the RainMeter. After right clicking on the RainMeter you will see a “Config” option, here you can choose the different skins and themes that you can install right away. Now select the skin you want and then press apply. You have successfully applied the new RainMeter custom skin. Now let us have a look at the different skins that you can apply to your new or old desktop to make it more happening.

List of  Best Rainmeter Skins Themes for Windows:


First on the list is the Eker Lina which is an amazing Rainmeter skin. It offers with a clean look and even with a lot of things to customize with, the skin looks minimalist when applied. As a game lover you will really appreciate this skin as it allows you to fully customize the skin with gaming PC.


Before Dawn

If you are new to using Rain mete then this is the theme you want. With just a small size of 27.5KB this skin create the perfect yet simple look to your fuzzy desktop. With this skin you will be able to get addons like local drive info, weather info, drives and more.

Before Dawn


For all those who want and love dark skins and themes like anime then this skin is for you. With this skin you will be able to choose different customization options like power status, RSS, drive info, RAM usage and much more. This skins basically has all the customization option you need.

Razor Rainmeter Skins

If you want a colorful RainMeter skin then this skin for you. This theme/skin comes with a fully customization dock where you can add different types of folder or even software that you use fluently. One of the best thing about this skin is the over all look of the widgets that gives the desktop a razor sharp look.


ABP Rainmeter Skins

If you want a skin that looks old and classy like news paper then this is the skin for you. This skin offer with a full desktop cover look which you can customize to your need. With this skin you will have the option to view, Time, date, weather, picture slide, news, reminder and more.

Enigma Rainmeter Skins

Enigma is basically one of the mostly downloaded skins of all time. Since the launch of this skin, this skin has seen many customization according to the user’s needs making it the best skin available.

Neon Space

This skin is definitely for those who are into gaming, especially space exploration. Due to its amazing look, this theme is a little heavy but for the cost of being heavy you will get a lot of customization option too. This skin will make your desktop look futuristic and make your desktop look absolutely amazing.

Simple Dock

This skin is what it is named after, it is a really cool theme that is light on your PC or laptop. There are a lot of theme that you can choose from while suing this theme. The best about this skin is the customization that all looks similar yet is cool to use.

SimpleDOCK for Rainmeter

Monster Hunter

For all the gamer out there, here is yet another RainMeter theme that you will defiantly love to use. This is a full desktop customization skin that offers with a cool gaming look to your desktop.

Medieval City

Yet another RainMeter theme for gamers. This is probably one of the most dramatic and coolest skin out there for gamer’s. You can get access to desktop, documents, music, pictures, videos and much more from the skin itself.

Small Tree Roger 1967

This is how minimalist a RainMeter skin can get. This skin has really less customization and only offer with a cool wallpaper and key to access your My Computer.

My RainMeter Desktop

If you are into playing Star Craft and more space games then this is the perfect skin for you. This skin comes with a cool space and spacecraft wallpaper and many cool looking detailed widgets.

My RainMeter Desktop

Space Rainmeter Skins

Yes, the world of RainMeter is full of Space lover’s skins with cool widgets. This theme is simply yet another space themed skin for your desktop.

Horde Rainmeter Skins

This is a user heavy skin for RainMeter. Horde offers with a great option to use different widgets like weather, power, clock and many more.

Hardware Rainmeter Skins

This skin is what it is exactly named after. With this skin you will be able to choose between different types of widgets that offer the skin a futuristic look. If you want, you can even customize the skin as you need to.

Hardware Rainmeter

Living Room Girls

If you are girl then this skin is for you. This is kind of a girly RainMeter skin that offers a cute look to your desktop with beautiful widgets. There will also be a few animation that makes the skin really worth a try.

Nanoschematic Desktop

Into sci-fi skins and want a give your desktop a nerdy look? Well then this is the perfect RainMeter skin for you. This skin features a lot of widgets and so you can customize the skin as you need.

Tron Legacy

Were you into the TRON movie? Loved the futuristic bike and now you want a wallpaper that suites your desktop. Well then get the Legacy skin of RainMeter which will offer with a fully customized wallpaper and widgets.

Sea Rainmeter Skins

This theme is what it is named after. A simple yet wide looking wallpaper with skin that will offer you desktop with a minimalist design yet keeping it open for more customization. This skin includes simple widgets like weather, folder, Gmail etc.

Batman Rainmeter Skins

DC fan? Well then I will not need to say anything more. Batman skin offers with the best look as a Batman lover. You will get all the widget customized like Batman equipment and batman’s over PC. So if you are thinking about getting this skin as a big Batman lover then don’t think twice.

Batman Rainmeter Skins

Green Lantern 

Yet another super hero skin from RainMeter. The Green Lantern is a great skin for those who are a big fan of the anime as well as the comic of Green Lantern. The Skin looks completely like a green lantern’s tech an also offer with a lot of customization.

Greenzo Rainmeter Skins

One of the Rain Meter’s best collection of Skins includes Greenzo. This is a simple skin that offers with great looks with different types of Widgets like clock, RSS, news feed, power and much more. You can customize this skin to launch many apps from the desktop itself.

World War Z

The movie World War Z was indeed a great one. And for World War Z fans out there, here is skin that can completely make you fall in love with your desktop. It has minimalist look yet offers with a great look with movie plus animation look.

Suzuki GSX R

Who doesn’t love super bikes right? As a GSX R 1000 fan this can really be something that you would fall in love with. The Skin comes with a great wallpaper as well as widgets that looks amazing with the wallpaper.

Suzuki R GSX

Citroen Concept

When it comes to some of the best skins by Rain Meter, how can you forget the Citroen Concept car skin. This skin looks so cool you would love to use the skin all day long and never get bored of. The Widget functionality is limited to weather, time & date, music etc.

Pirate Girl

Here is another anime based skin that offer with many customization. The skin has been created perfectly for girls and if you are one then grab this RainMeter skin right now.

Bad Girl Rainmeter Skins

Yet another skin for girls. This is indeed a gorgeous skin for girls who are into dark themes for their device. The skin comes with many customization options and the best part being that you can customize the skins as you need which even includes the shortcut and folders.

Girl Sounds

A minimalist skin for all girls out there who love animation as well as who love listening to music. The skin is made only for those who love listening to music all the time as the skin is kept simple and plain with just a clock and music widget.

Jarvis Iron Man

This theme is for all the Iron man lovers out there. Make you desktop look like Iron man’s own PC. I have seen many people trying it out and loving it as it comes with may customization like clock, temperature, weather and many more widgets that has been customized perfectly.

SHIELD Avengers Rainmeter Skins

Last on this list is the SHIELD OS from Avengers. Turn yourself into a secret agent with this amazing RainMeter skin. With this theme you can get widgets like HardDiskDrive, RAM viewing, Central Processing Unit info, lock info and many more.

Avengers Shield

Final Words:

So these are the list of the top rainmeter skins themes for windows 10/8.1/7 which you can use right away on your desktop and create your own fully customized desktop view. All these skins are unique in their own way so you can choose any other skin to create a new look on your desktop. You can also choose to mix 2 or more skins setup like date, RAM usage, system config, new email option and may more widgets from different skins all together to create a whole new customized skin. With these list of rainmeter skins themes for Windows in hand you are now set to give your desktop a new look.

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